Volunteers & Officials

Volunteers & Officials 

Volunteers & Officials are the heart and soul of the Toowoomba Hockey Association. 

THA and the 5 Clubs form a Hockey Community which only functions and grows with the help of our amazing volunteers.  

There are a number of Volunteer & Officials roles available within in the Association. 

Board of Directors 

10 volunteer members form the THA Board of Directors to oversee the running of the business.  

Director positions are a 3 year term and are voted and elected at the THA Annual General Meeting.  

Nominations for Board positions are called for in October. Positions on the Board include: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Hockey Director, Independent Director, plus a Director from each of the 5 Clubs.  

The Board of Directors meet once a fortnight on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.  

Toowoomba Hockey Committee (THC) 

The Hockey Committee runs Hockey!  

Each of the 5 major Clubs has a volunteer representative on the Committee who is dedicated to the organisation, management and administration of Hockey in Toowoomba.  

The THC delegate role is a 3 year term and is nominated via your Club Executive.  

The THC meet once a fortnight on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.  

Judiciary & Appeals Committee 

To ensure we provide a safe and fun environment for our members, there may be times in Hockey where an incident or matter must be heard by a Judiciary and/or Appeals Committee. The THA Judiciary and Appeals Committees are both comprised of one member from each Club.  

Positions on the Judiciary and Appeals Committees are for a period of 12 months and are nominated via your Club Executive.  

Sub-Committee Members and Coordinators 

The organisation, management and administration of Hockey is a massive task – so a number of Sub-Committees are formed under the THC to assist with the workload. Some of these Committee’s include: 

  • Indoor Hockey Committee 
  • Technical Committee 
  • Hockey Expo/Events Committee 
  • Fixtures Committee 
  • Grading Committee 
  • Representative Committee 
  • Fundraising Committee 

Nominations for all Sub-Committees open in November for the following year.  

Team Coaches & Managers 

Coaching or Managing a Toowoomba Hockey team is a unique and rewarding opportunity.  

The THA have a number of Coach and Manager opportunities available through our representative program; Indoor Hockey; and the Club Glenvale Challenge A-Grade competition. 

THA Coaches and Managers are appointed by the THC – members are asked to submit a nomination which is then reviewed and considered by a selection panel.  

Nominations for THA Coaches and Managers open in November for the following year.  

Club Hockey – if you would like to get involved in Coaching or Managing a Club team – contact your local Club to discuss what opportunities they have available.    

Umpires & Technical Officials 

Officiating is a great way to develop a better understanding of the game. 

Umpire, Technical Official and Mentor opportunities are available through various different THA programs including Indoor, Rep and Club Hockey. 

Whether you’re a parent wanting to officiate your child’s matches or you want to make a career out of umpiring – there is an opportunity to get involved at Toowoomba Hockey. 

We have roles for Umpires, Technical Officials and Umpire Mentors. Members of any experience are encouraged to get involved, as there are training and education resources available to assist in your development.  

THA will provide the support you need to follow your chosen path as a THA Official. 

Members are asked to submit a nomination for consideration by the selection panel.   


A panel of selectors is formed to ensure a fair and transparent process is followed when selecting Toowoomba representative teams.   

We have roles available for Junior and Senior Selectors in both the male and female divisions.  


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