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‘Club Hockey Season runs from March to September'

Club Hockey Season

Club Hockey season runs from March to September, with games played in a number of junior and senior divisions.

See ‘Programs’ for options during the remainder of the year. 

THA Fixtures Divisions 

Introductory Hockey Level: 

  • Mini Minkeys (ages 3-4yrs)
  • Minkey and Modifieds (ages 4-8yrs) 

Mini Minkeys and Minkey and Modified Hockey are introductory development programs designed as a transitional step from intro Hockey to Club Hockey. 

Junior Hockey Level: 

  • Under 11 (ages 9-11yrs) 
  • Under 13 (ages 11-13yrs) 
  • J Division (ages 11-16yrs) 

Senior Hockey Level: 

  • A1 – A2 – A3 – A4 (based on skills and experience level) 
  • Masters (ages 34yrs+) 

Fixture games and Club training are all conducted here at Clyde Park – no travelling between venues.  

How to Register 

To register for Club Hockey: 

  1. Visit your preferred Club’s website and follow the links to register; Or  
  2. Complete the ‘Contact Us’ form below for more information and we’ll get in touch. 

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