Minkey & Modifieds


Minkey and Modified Hockey are modified versions of hockey designed for mixed teams of girls and boys at primary school level. They are a safe and fun introduction to Hockey for children aged 5-9yrs (Minkeys: aged 5 to 7yrs and Modifieds: aged 7 to 8yrs). 

Our programs are designed to maximise participation and development, and provides kids with the necessary skills to transition from introductory Hockey through to competitive Club Hockey.   

Games are played on smaller sized fields which gives players more opportunities to have contact with the ball – maximising their enjoyment and promoting a positive experience to keep kids involved in Hockey.  

Follow the Toowoomba Hockey Development Pathway: 

Mini Sticks 

Minkey Hockey 

Modified Hockey 

Club Hockey 

Representative Hockey

Equipment Required 

Hockey Stick

Mouth Guard 

Shin Pads 

Season Info 

The Minkey and Mods season is generally 16 weeks in duration, running from April to August.  

Games are played at Clyde Park each Saturday morning from approximately 8:30 to 9:30am. No games are scheduled on school holidays. 

Season dates and times may vary so be sure to check with your Club’s Minkey & Mod Coordinator to confirm details for the upcoming season.  

Ready to Sign-up? 

To join the Minkey or Modified program you’ll need to be registered with one of our 5 local Clubs. Contact a Club today and have a chat about registering for the season.

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Field 2

Field 3

Field 4

Field 5