Indoor Hockey

Indoor Hockey 

What is Indoor Hockey? 

Indoor Hockey is a modified version of ‘traditional’ outdoor field Hockey.  

It is an excellent way to improve fitness and stick skills – it’s an exciting and fast-paced game which requires players to move rapidly around the pitch. 

Toowoomba Indoor Hockey 

The Toowoomba Hockey Association provides two Indoor Hockey pathways: 

  1. Local Indoor fixtures – a non-Club based comp running from October to December, with mixed teams in Junior, Senior and Social divisions; and  
  2. Representative opportunities – the ‘Toowoomba Funnel Webs’, compete at Hockey Qld State Championships from Nov-Dec, in divisions from Under 13 to Masters. 

How to get involved 

The Toowoomba Indoor Hockey local competition is open to players of all ages and experience levels. We also have a number of volunteer opportunities such as Coach, Manager, Umpire and Tech Official roles available for anyone wanting to get involved.   

Indoor Registrations open in September, when the outdoor season has completed. 

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Indoor Hockey sticks are much lighter and thinner than Outdoor Hockey sticks. As there is no hitting permitted in Indoor Hockey the lighter sticks make stick work much easier.  


The use of a left-handed glove is highly recommended as it gives players the confidence to get low to the ground and make the tackles and traps required for Indoor Hockey. 


Mouth guards and Shin pads are also highly recommended along with a Facemask for protection during penalty corners, as worn in Field Hockey. 


  •  A team is made up of 6 players – 5 field players and 1 Goalkeeper. Each team has multiple substitutes who rotate quickly and often due to the fast-paced nature of the game.  
  • Players are not permitted to hit the ball – they can push, deflect or dribble the ball to move it around the field. The ball is not permitted to be raised in the air unless it is shot in goal and the use of the stick edge (Tomahawk) is not permitted. 
  • A regulation length Indoor Hockey match lasts 40mins (two halves of 20 minutes each). 
  • Fields vary between 18m-22m wide by 36m-44m in size and have 10cm sideboards to allow the ball to rebound and deflect around the pitch. This keeps the ball in play more and creates a fast and exciting game.  
  • Toowoomba Hockey Association and Hockey Qld Indoor Competitions run under the FIH Indoor Rules. 

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