Walk of Recognition


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Allen Schasser

Allen Schasser started umpiring in Toowoomba in 1973. Allen’s passion for hockey and dedication to umpiring saw him progress through the ranks and he went on to achieve his Australian badge, international badge and international crown.

Allen umpired approximately 100 first class Australian Senior Games and approximately 55 First Class International matches including 3 Champions Trophies and a Junior World Cup. Allen also was an accrediated Senior Hockey Umpires Coach assisting umpires to learn and improve. Allen retired from representative umpiring in 1992, however he has since taken up serious umpiring again and has recently been the Chairman of the Umpires Committee in Brisbane. Allen’s talent is not just with the whistle, he is also a current Australian Veterans Player.

Some of Allen’s major achievements include:

  • Australian badge – 1979
  • International badge – 1984
  • International Crown – 1985
  • World Cup & Olympic Games Listing 1990
  • 3 Champions Trophies
  • Junior World Cup