Walk of Recognition


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Barry Vohland

Barry Vohland was involved in coaching hockey players in Toowoomba from 1983 until 1999. Barry dedicated many hours outside his THA Coaching Director’s responsibilities to helping players at all levels - from grass root players to future Olympians.

Barry developed and ran clinics and holiday camps to develop Junior hockey players. He promoted and coached students at local schools, developing the Club based allocation of Schools to help Clubs obtain new players.

Along with coaching indivudals and academies, Barry coached both Male and Female Toowoomba teams to higher honours at State Championships.

He coached a variety of Queensland Teams, including the U/21 Womens team for several years. Barry developed coaching programs that were later adapted by other Association Coaches around Queensland.

Barry was always approachable to players while at the same time pushing them to improve and train outside their comfort zones.

All of the Olympic players that have been inducted here today were coached by Barry at some stage throughout their careers. Not a bad Resume Barry.