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Field 2

Posted by default, on the 12-04-2013 @ 07:52AM

Thank you to everyone that assisted with the working bees on field 2 from the start to yesterday (Thursday). Field 2 is now open for both competition and training sessions but caution should be taken around the temporary fencing that is in place where the dugouts and match directors box will be.

THA History

Posted by default, on the 25-03-2013 @ 04:50PM

Today marks a moment in THA history.
Clyde Park was officially opened on the 25th March 1978 - that's 35 years. Proud to say that Toowoomba hockey is still going from strength to strength.

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Posted by default, on the 21-03-2013 @ 12:32PM

The Toowoomba Hockey Association is proud to affirm its commitment to ending racism on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

The Toowoomba Hockey Association has joined forces with some of Australia's leading businesses, sporting bodies and NGO's to support the 'Racism. It stops with me' campaign, which is being led by the Australian Human Rights Commission. The campaign emphasises the importance of taking a stand against racism whenever it happens.

Our organisation has pledged to undertake activities that aim to prevent racism in support of the campaign.

'Racism', like other anti-social behaviors, should not be tolerated. The Toowoomba Hockey Association is proud to be involved in this campaign to ensure that we provide an inclusive, safe, family friendly sport, association and venue.

'I encourage people from all cultural backgrounds to come and participate in our wonderful sport of hockey'.
Steve Stewart, President, Toowoomba Hockey Association.

One in seven Australians said they had experienced discrimination because of their colour or background in 2011, a figure that has been increasing steadily in recent years.

The International Day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1966, to coincide with the date in 1960 when police killed 69 people in Sharpeville, South Africa at a peaceful protest against apartheid laws. The theme for the International Day in 2013 is 'Racism and Sport'.

For more information about the 'Racism: It Stops with Me' campaign, or to find a range of anti-racism resources, go to: http://itstopswithme.humanrights.gov.au/

Or follow the campaign on Twitter @ItStopsWithMe.